If you’re in a hurry to get down the aisle, I ensure it’s because you can’t wait to get married, NOT because the music will fade out early…

Music and sound for your wedding ceremony from the moment your first guest arrives, including microphones for the nuptials, your chosen songs as you walk down the aisle, and signing the registry and beyond.

On the beach or a garden wedding ceremony with or without power available, at your venue or at the church, it’s one less thing to worry about when you have a professional operator controlling the volume and ensuring music starts at exactly the right moment.

I can assist with professional, seamless editing of your song choices making them the perfect length for your arrival down the aisle, nearly invisible wireless microphones so your guests can hear the vows, and all through a compact and discreet Bose sound system out of the way of the proceedings.


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Nick Logan | Wedding DJ | Wedding Ceremony Music and Sound