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I want to be part of the right weddings and the best weddings, not the most weddings.

For some couples, the music is “just music” which is why Auckland has dozens “just press play” DJs. However, choosing the right wedding DJ can be just as personal as finding the perfect wedding venue.

Nick Logan Boutique Wedding DJ Service

So how do you choose the right DJ?  The most common and most logical question that couples ask first is “How much do you charge?”.  There’s really a lot of parts that go into putting together a day of great wedding entertainment, so here’s a breakdown of it all:

Weddings are about "together forever"
  • No time limits here!
  • I will be ready to start before your guests arrive
  • I stay until you go or the venue says go home
Ceremony Audio and Support
  • Compact and “out of the way” sound system
  • Near invisible clip-on microphones
  • Custom edited ceremony songs
  • Rehearsal
Internationally recognised Master of Ceremonies
  • Skilled and experienced Master of Ceremonies
  • Internationally recognised certification
  • Utilising skills from half a lifetime of on air radio announcing
  • Being the MC at a wedding isn’t easy.  If your MC thinks it is, we should talk.


Bose sounds good, looks great
  • Commercial grade, incredibly compact and sleek sound systems from Bose.
  • Wireless microphones, handheld for the reception, clip-on lapel or lavalier for the ceremony.
  • Multiple backup sound systems onsite at all times.
  • Loud enough, but not TOO loud.


The Right Music

Playing music is easy, as proven by Spotify, Apple Music, and others.  Having all the songs in the world is now as easy as connecting to the web.

But knowing what NOT to play is possibly more important.

Because my own name IS the company brand, I won’t play anything to jeopardise it.

  • No heavy metal
  • No hard rap
  • Nothing that would offend my grandmother, or yours
  • Non-stop music, decades of styles, blended seamlessly
  • Carefully selected requests


The Price

The most obvious and most commonly asked question couples ask a DJ is “How much?”.

My all day Auckland wedding service is $2600, which includes:

  • Ceremony audio service
  • Ceremony rehearsal (subject to availability)
  • Custom edits of any special songs for ceremony or reception
  • Master of Ceremonies or coaching/support
  • Planning meeting in the weeks leading up to the wedding
  • Unlimited support and advice
  • Reception DJ, audio, and music

Special rates available Sunday to Thursday.
Travel and accommodation charges may apply outside of greater Auckland region
Service excludes Waiheke Island


There’s more to your wedding entertainment than “just music” but where do you start when hiring a DJ?

Many couples aren’t sure so they ask friends, family, or strangers on Facebook discussion groups.

Here are some of the most common points raised:

We already have an MC, we just need a DJ

You’ve chosen your Master of Ceremonies – they’re the right person for you, you feel comfortable with them representing you, and you have confidence in their ability.

However being the MC at a wedding is no easy task.  Even accomplished presenters find weddings to be quite different to any other occasion.

This is where I help, supporting your chosen MC on the day and in the lead up to the wedding while being careful to never take anything away from the MC.

This means that your MC can relax a little, be a guest as well, and not have to constantly worry about what to do next and when.

So what does a Wedding MC actually do?  Read the article here.

We don't need you for the ceremony, the venue already has speakers

Anyone can own a speaker system.  Knowing how to use it is the difference.

  • Can your venue supply custom edited songs, extending them to guarantee it won’t fade out halfway down the aisle?
  • Will your venue know when to fade the music once you’ve reached the end of the aisle?
  • Do they know how?
  • Can your venue supply discreet, clip-on microphones for the ceremony vows?
  • Can your venue control the microphones so that everything that’s meant to be heard can be heard?
  • Can your venue also provide a back up sound system – just in case?

I can supply the right music at the right volume and at exactly the right moment for the ceremony.  Timing is everything.

Our venue has a sound system already, we just need a DJ

With few exceptions, venue sound systems aren’t designed with a party in mind.

Real life examples of what could go wrong include:

  • The venue turning the volume down or off during speeches
  • Sound focussed on the dancefloor, hard to hear at dining area or head table during speeches at any volume
  • Sound distorted, poor quality
  • Sound system fails, no back up on hand

Even for those few venues that do have amazing sound systems built in, The Wharf or Markovina in Kumeu are good examples, it’s essential that a DJ brings their own equipment – just in case.


We've already made a song list, just need a DJ

You know what you want.  And there is an endless supply of those “just press play” Djs in Auckland ready to just play whatever you tell them.

I’m not one of them.

It easily comes across the wrong way, but I’m not Spotify, I’m not an iPod, I do what I do very well and would rather do that instead.

There are dozens of Auckland DJs who are qualified to play your preset playlist, and I’d be happy to recommend one if that’s really all you need.