Here’s a great list of some of those things you probably never thought to ask a DJ. greatness-ahead Usually the first question is about price, which is understandable – if you don’t know what else to ask, if you’ve never hired a wedding DJ before, how would you know where to start?

Did you know that not all DJs will know to dress appropriately?  Your guests will dress up, so why shouldn’t the DJ?  Don’t just assume.

Did you know some DJs still use large banners and signs promoting their name?  Might not seem like a big deal, but those signs are designed to stand out.  How will they look in the background of all your wedding photos or video?

Do you expect more from a wedding DJ than “just music”?  Does your DJ know how to treat your wedding any different to the school disco or pub gig he did the night before?  Your DJ should be asking more questions than you, they should be looking for ways to help, to create something different for the guests, something none of them have seen before ant any other wedding.



This list of not so obvious questions about DJs helped me develop an entire seminar on the subject.  I present “How Much Should a DJ Cost?” at The Grand Wedding Show at SkyCity, and it covers ideas, concepts, and “we never thought of that” moments that couples need to consider when interviewing a DJ for their wedding, along with photos of great and not so memorable DJ set ups.

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