There are two types of Wedding DJ.

Some will treat it like any other event.  The other type loves weddings.

Don’t you want the kind of DJ that understands weddings?
The DJ who appreciates the significance and privilege of being part of a wedding day?
The DJ who knows your wedding isn’t just another “gig”?
The DJ who is passionate about weddings and all the reasons you are getting married?


You just can’t fake passion.

Loving music is only part of it.  Having the fancy DJ gear and the latest light show doesn’t make a DJ any better than they were before buying the gear. 

It’s just “stuff”.

Anyone can hire “stuff”.

More stuff doesn’t help if the DJ doesn’t understand what’s important to you.  

  • It’s not a birthday or a pub, it’s your wedding.
  • It’s not a school ball, your not a guest, it’s your wedding.
  • It’s not just a wedding, it’s your wedding!

Weddings are about celebrating love, and I love weddings.

New Zealand's compact wedding DJ set up at Bracu

small and unobtrusive Wedding DJ at Markovina

Nick Logan Boutique Wedding DJ Service

For some couples, the music is "just music". That's why Auckland has plenty of DJs who "just press play".

However, choosing the right wedding DJ can be just as personal as finding the perfect wedding venue.

Auckland Wedding DJ Hire

How can I help?  Tell me about your wedding day!  Email me.


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"..we're so glad we chose to have you as our MC / DJ. listened to all of our ideas, made some great suggestions..."

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Al and Josie    Wedding at Castaways, Auckland   

"...I can see you spent lot of time on organizing everything for us. I couldn't have my wedding done any better without your help."

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Stan and Echo    Wedding at Sarnia Park, Cambridge   

"Thank you so much for making our night so amazing."

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Roanne and Roger   

"The enthusiasm you had for our wedding is so RARE!"

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Lishia and Jason    Wedding in Auckland   

"...friendly, outgoing and very professional."

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Diane (mother of the bride)    Howick Wedding, Auckland   

"you helped ensure our big day was a success......above and beyond anything we could have asked from you."

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Marisa and Duncan    Wedding in Auckland   

"Well done for reinventing the fun of dance into their lives."

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Nick and Sharron    Wedding at The Wharf, Auckland   

"Having been to a number of weddings leading up to ours, we have both seen the effect a bad choice of music can have – it certainly is a talent and one that you have mastered in our experience."

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Marisa and Duncan    Wedding in Auckland   

"Your professionalism and keen eye helped to make the ceremony... skillfully played the right mix that got everyone up off their bums and dancing!"     Read More

Glenn and Michelle    Wedding at Castaways, Auckland   

"Thank you for the advice and encouragement of our first dance which turned out to be one of the highlights of our day."

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Kellie and Aaron    Wedding at Sorrento in the Park, Auckland   

" was the BEST wedding music ever!"

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Jamie and Charlotte    Wedding in Auckland   
Nick Logan Wedding DJ

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