Wedding MC

Master of Ceremonies
Keeping the wedding reception timeline in tune is the responsibility of your Master of Ceremonies.  Being a “great public speaker” or “knows a lot of good jokes” is helpful but is commonly mistaken as the most important qualifications.  However – that’s not their job.

The MC doesn’t need to tell jokes.  It’s not a comedy club, it’s your wedding.  The MC doesn’t necessarily need to be a great public speaker because your wedding is not a public event.  The MC is representing you in front of your closest friends and family.  It’s not about them, it’s about you.

All that your wedding master of ceremonies needs to do is make sure the guests always know what’s happening next, where and when it’s happening, and even how to respond – all without actually telling them what to do, where to be or how to react.

Daunting? Let me help.

A graduate of the Marbecca Method and experienced wedding Master of Ceremonies, I can fill that role at your wedding or coach and assist your chosen MC.  I will simply guide the guests through the proceedings, helping them always be ready for whatever is coming next, where to look, where to be, all while keeping you in the spotlight.

Please get in touch to arrange a time to discuss your wedding day and how I can help with your master of ceremonies requirements.


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