Here’s a couple of the common questions I get asked by couples when looking for wedding DJ entertainment.

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How much do you charge for DJ services?

Every wedding should be different. I’ll meet with you to discuss your plans then give you an accurate quote based on your specific requirements. Ceremony services with cordless microphones and a discrete and compact sound system or Master of Ceremony services are all factors that we would go through and cover. The price varies depending on what’s involved.  We should meet or arrange a phone call to discuss your wedding in more detail.

Can we get a ballpark price?

Over the last three wedding seasons, my rates have ranged anywhere from $800 to $4000.  A Monday lunchtime wedding celebration and a ceremony and reception in Queenstown are quite different – we can talk further about your specific requirements.

Do we have to hire you as the MC as well? We have someone already for that.

My master of ceremonies service is part of the  package.  If I’m not acting as the MC, I can provide support and coaching for your chosen MC bot in the weeks leading up to the wedding, and on the day itself.  Get in touch to see how I can assist your master of ceremonies.

Our wedding isn’t in Auckland. Do you travel?

Of course!   While the majority of my work is in the greater Auckland and Waikato area, I travel to for great weddings. I’ve entertained at weddings in Gisborne (Bushmere Arms), Queenstown, and even Lanarch Castle in Dunedin.

Who will be the DJ at our event?

Me!  I am the only DJ who will be at your event. I do not hire DJ staff, so I’ll never send along a trainee or a sub-contracted company in my place, guaranteed. From our first contact to your last dance, you’ll deal with Nick Logan, the sole DJ and owner of this service.

Do you charge extra to MC at weddings?

This is part of the service.  Alternatively if you already have an MC, I will be available to support them both on the day and in the lead up to your wedding.

What time should we plan for the DJ to start?

I place a lot of value on the earlier parts of the evening, such as during dinner. I can be ready to play music from the moment your first guest arrives which really helps build the atmosphere for the rest of the night.

How can we play music at an outdoor beach or garden ceremony?

I have a few options available, utilising small and compact power generators which are virtually silent.

What music do you play during dinner?

Dinner is an important part of an evening and the right mix and tempo of songs help shape the evening to come.  A balanced mixture is the key with a bit of something for cousins to grandparents. Expect to hear a little Frank, Dean, Krall, Elton, Presley, Crowded House or Dobbyn, Jack Johnson, Fat Freddy, and carefully selected current top 40 favourites as well.

Do you scratch?

No thanks, I’m not itchy.

How long do you play for?

While we’ll define contracted times in our agreement, essentially my role is to entertain when and as required. I start when you start, finish when you finish.   Contact me to discuss your specific requirements.

Do you do many weddings?

Weddings are the main focus of my business making up around 75% of my events. The rest are generally “parties for grown ups” with corporate events or birthdays and similar celebrations.

Do you have references?

With respect for the privacy of my clients, I normally do not reveal contact details however you can see a selection of comments from a range of past clients here.

Can we meet with you before the wedding?

Certainly – in fact I actively encourage it. There’s a whole bunch of reasons why this is such a good idea, but let’s discuss it when we meet.

Can we choose the music?

When it comes to the first dance or other special dances at your wedding, such as a father daughter dance for example, it’s entirely your choice. You might even want to pick out a few must play tracks for the night too. However, make that list too big and it defeats the purpose of hiring someone to look after the music for you. Rather than putting too much emphasis on choosing music, I usually encourage my clients to think about the songs or artists they definitely do not want to hear (“do not play” list).

Can we see you working at another event or wedding?

I would never invite strangers or future clients to your wedding, and it wouldn’t be appropriate for you to visit theirs.

Our Master of Ceremonies is part of the wedding party – can you make some announcements?

I regularly provide full Master of Ceremonies services, so making any announcements or introductions is all part of the service.

We have a large range of age groups, so can you play music that’s across the board?

No problem! I carry thousands of songs to every event because there’s no way to predict what your guests will want to hear until they’re headed for the dance floor. What does work is variety, so I play a little bit of everything, old and new.

Have you worked at our venue before?

Chances are yes, but there are new venues starting up all the time. Click here for a sample of venues I’ve worked with.

Will you play requests?

Sure, unless you’d rather I didn’t.  If I’m playing the right songs, often guests don’t need to make requests.  Of course, I use discretion and consider the appropriateness of any request before playing it.  I promise not to embarrass, you, your guests, or myself.

Should we have a meal prepared for the you?

As a matter of personal preference, I choose not to eat when I’m working. I also don’t drink alcohol and I am smoke free.

Our venue has no dance floor. Do we need to hire one?

It’s not essential.  Your guests will usually just dance in front of wherever the DJ or band is set up, right on the carpet or whatever is on the floor.   Keep this in mind when organisng your floorplan and try to have your entertainment as possible close to where you envisage the dancing will happen.

Also try to avoid putting tables between the dance floor and your DJ or band, if possible.

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