How to choose a wedding DJ

Want your guests saying “Best Wedding Ever”?

It’s important that you select the right people to work with you and support your wedding day vision and ideas.    Are we looking for the same thing?

If you think you  just need four hours of music, perhaps I’m not the DJ to call.

So how do you know if I am the right Entertainer for your wedding?  

Here’s a few things to consider:
Is the entertainment one of the top priorities for your reception?

I know there’s more to your wedding than “just press play”. I deliver more than just music, the sort of help that isn’t part of a normal DJ service.  After all, what’s normal about your wedding?

Will your wedding be fun?
Do you like to laugh and smile?  Will your MC be a true master of ceremonies, or just make announcements?  Are you simply walking into your reception, or do you want to make a grand entrance?

If I prove to you how much I care about what you want, will you value my experience and advice?
I’m not here to tell you how to run your wedding, and I certainly won’t tell you what you can or can’t do. So what can I tell you? Let me help. Ask me how.

Do you want your reception to flow smoothly?
There are all sorts of things you can tweak to help things happen just that little bit more in sync.  Your guests won’t notice the change, only the positive outcomes.

Are you ready to celebrate?
After all – celebration is what weddings are really all about.

Am I the right DJ for your wedding day?  I invite you to get in touch so we can discuss your plans and ideas.